Bassface BLACKDB1.1 3000W 1Ohm Monoblock Class D Subwoofer 12v Power Amplifier

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The Class-D architecture for BLACKDB1.1 utilises sophisticated de-coupling circuitry between stages, to achieve isolation from the high frequency interference that is normally associated with the input stage. This type of design affords the amplifier a significant improvement in sound quality over more traditional Class-D solutions. Featuring every sound control adjustment that you would expect from a high grade digital Monoblock the range of settings is comprehensive. Subsonic filtering saves the system from trying to play lower than it can, which causes distortion and wastes energy in the process. The low pass filter section features 18dB per octave filtering. Bass boost is present if you need it with a selectable frequency point. Phase shift control is also provided and the amp has also got RCA outputs for passing the input signal straight out to enable you to link multiple amps in larger systems. These are thoroughbred sound quality power amplifiers for the discerning individual who can appreciate a very high quality audio experience. Coupled with the right speakers, these are a genuine pleasure to listen to, delivering a level of detail that is quite simply stunning.

Prototype ? We wanted a high output, high quality monoblock amp for our BLACK series range. We deliberated for some time about power output and feature set and in the end the first prototype we got was the one we settled on. V1 ? The V1 of the BLACK series mono was delivered to markets in late 2015. So far nothing has arisen that has illustrated the need for a V2.

Product Data

  • Brand: Bass Face Car Audio
  • Model: BLACKDB1.1
  • UPC: 683422297434
  • Sold As: Single
  • Bass Face Series: Black Series
  • Version: 1
  • Weight: 3600 (g)
  • Product Length: 370 (mm)
  • Product Width: (mm)
  • Product Height: 50 (mm)

Key points

  • High Grade Class-D Architecture
  • Line Output For Daisy Chaining
  • Superior Sonic Integrity
  • Silver Plated Terminals
  • 1 Ohm Stable Operation

More Data

  • Thermal & Short Circuit Protection
  • Variable Subsonic Filter
  • Variable frequency bass boost
  • Phase Control 0° - 180°
  • Max Power : 3000
  • Max RMS Power : 1500
  • RMS 4 Ohm Per Channel : 600
  • RMS 2 Ohm Per Channel : 900
  • RMS 1 Ohm Per Channel : 1500
  • Amplifier Frequency Response (Hz) : 10-180
  • Amplifier THD Continous 4 Ohm 1Khz/100Hz (%) : <0.03
  • Amplifier Bass Boost (Db) : 0-12
  • Amplifier Boost Frequency (Hz) : 30-80
  • Amplifier Subsonic Filter (Hz) : 17-40
  • Amplifier Audio Signal Input Voltage (V) : 0.2-6
  • Amplifier LPF Slope (Db/Oct) : 12
  • Amplifier HPF Slope (Db/Oct) : 12
  • Amplifier Subsonic Filter Slope (Db/Oct) : 12
  • Amplifier Topology : Class D
  • Amplifier Fuse Rating (Amps) : 140
  • Amplifier Power Wire Input Gauge (AWG) : 4
  • Recommended Wiring Kit and Accessories : PWK4.1 RCA5.1
  • Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel (Ohms) : 1
  • Amplifier Input Impedence (KOhms) : >100

Whats In The Box?

  • 1 x BLACKDB1.1 Monoblock Amplifier
  • 4 x 35A Replacement Fuses
  • 4 x Self Tapping Screws For Mounting


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